Anika Shamira Iberique Cádiz van de Renesse Hoeve
N.H.S.B 2454694

Iwan van het Jekschotshof
N.H.S.B 2276186

Pasja van t' Maalschap
N.H.S.B 2248967
Grand Parents

Danto van de Schotse Hoeve
N.H.S.B 2150554

Why Not White Alsatian Candy
N.H.S.B 1938466

Amiscus Snow Bear
N.H.S.B 2075257
Imp. Eng KCR W4760001W04

Caby van t'Maalschap
N.H.S.B 2158082
4th Generation

Kingsmeadow Silver Star
KCR T4782101T04

Why Not White Alsatian Benjie
N.H.S.B 1890993

Vondaun Polar Moonbeam from Princewood
N.H.S.B 1800686
Imp.Eng KCR S1264302S01

Amiscus Our Love
N.H.S.B 1800156
Imp. Eng KCR Q1191801Q01

Westmercon Ace of Amiscus
KCR S4507603S04

Bright Flower of Amiscus
KCR S3416004S03

Why Not White Alsatian Andusty
N.H.S.B 1858507

Why Not White Alsatian Gaya
N.H.S.B 1985173
Comming More
5th Generation Registered & Protected
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